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Address Screen

Enter house number; select street; and press Submit button.

If the address is a valid residence in the service area it will be accepted.  If the house number entered is not on the selected street or the address is an apartment a second screen will display.

The above screen displays if the address entered is an apartment building or the house number is not on the entered street.

In this example 245 56th ST was entered.  This address is an apartment building.  The upper arrow shows that the client said they lived in apartment 104 so it was selected by putting the mouse cursor over it and clicking the left mouse button.

Maybe the client meant to say they lived on 56th Place instead of 56th ST.  The lower arrow indicates you could select a different street in the lower list.  You could also enter a different house number, as well as street, in the lower area.


Users at Address

Apartment Screen
Address is an apartment
Street Address Error

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