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Users at Address

Select the borrower by clicking circle and pressing Submit Selected User Above button.
OR Add a new user and press Submit New User button.

In the example above the person at the desk wants to borrow an item for Linda Miller. The person at the desk indicated Gene is no longer using the cushion and will return it, while Linda is still using the wheelchair.

Ask the person at the desk to confirm the people listed are still living at the residence and spelling, etc. are correct. Use the Edit button to correct errors or change the status of the person. The Note field ("This is a note about this user") is typically not used. Date in parentheses is the last date the person's record had been modified, giving an indication of how old the record might be.

Items loaned
Equipment currently on loan to each person is listed with the loan date. Confirm they have items and check box if Still Using or Will Return

Add a New User
Use only if person at desk is not listed above. Comment field can be used for any details pertinent to new user.


Who is Picking up the item (person at desk)

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