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This training is for anyone who has volunteered to be a Monitor and work at the front desk. Those working in the warehouse should be familiar with the program as well. The loan equipment management process is now computerized. This training walks you through both the Loan and Return computer processes.

For new monitors it is designed to walk you through the entire training package. Each page has links near the bottom to take you to the next logical step. Use the 'Next' links for the best continuity.

Returning monitors will find this helpful to brush up before their scheduled volunteer time. The left column is an outline and allows you to jump to specific topics. Not all steps within a topic are listed though.

This training is designed for those with little or no computer background. Some will want to skip the more basic comments.

When we get into talking about the actual program most every screen you will encounter in the program will have a page in this training.  The page will first display an image of the screen to be discussed.   Keep in mind it is an image so buttons, etc. are not interactive.  The image may have red arrows or red text to help guide you through the discussion.

The discussion below the image generally starts with a brief summary.  If you have been using the program this may be adequate to refresh your memory.  A more thorough discussion follows.

As you may already know, this training is accessible from any computer with internet access. A link is on the Help Services webpage in the lower right. Click the 'Monitor Training' link to go to the training. The Help Services website is at www.helpservicesinc.org.


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