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Search Users

Access from Primary Screen.  Select Field to search, enter text, press Submit button.

This is a tool that is not generally needed, but can be helpful in resolving issues with misspelled names or people who may have moved. This list can get lengthy since it lists all items borrowed since 2014.

To reach this page press the Search Users button on the Primary Screen. You can press the Start Over button on most any page to go to the Primary Screen.

You can search the users in the system by: Last Name; First Name; or Phone. Select (highlight) the one you want to use. Then enter the text to search in the Search Text field and press the Submit button.

It isn't necessary to enter all the letters, but the letters you do enter must be the first letter sequence of the name you are looking for. Many names may have spelling errors, so if you don't find the name when you enter all the letters try entering only two or three or search for the first name instead of the last name.

If you know what address the person lives at it might be easier to use the Loan button option. Keep in mind, the address may be wrong also.


User Search Results

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